What is high impact philanthropy?

Perhaps the biggest misconception that people have about philanthropy is that good intentions and a lot of money mean a lot of impact. But you don’t need Bill Gates’ money or Oprah Winfrey’s celebrity to effect meaningful change through philanthropy.  Philanthropy is a great tool for family health and Matt Rubinoff at Impact Advisors  offers a unique approach to upgrade your philanthropic experience.  

The practice of “high impact philanthropy” put simply means getting the best “bang” for your philanthropic “buck.” It is the process by which a donor can ensure that they make the biggest difference possible, given the amount of capital they invest. It sounds simple in theory, but the practice means a process of introspection, research, and strategy that 360 Family Office approach helps clients access.

As one who is passionate about high impact philanthropy. I lead clients, from all over the country, through a process to think more critically about their charitable giving and devise a strategy to maximize their donations’ social impact for the causes they care most about.

I’d love to be a resource to you and your family and 2020 is actually a big year for charitable giving with the CARES Act allowing both individuals and corporations unprecedented incentive to donate to charities (not just those addressing COVID-19).

360 Family Office would like to introduce your family to the “impact audit” which will assess how a family’s goals align with their current philanthropic activities and make recommendations for achieving more meaningful social impact from their charitable giving.

Please contact me to learn more.