“We, the Family”: The Benefits of a Family Constitution

Wealth and family can be a tricky mix. Affluence can help families achieve great things and realize their shared vision, of course. But it also can create resentments and rifts that could potentially damage a family’s financial position and cause estrangement among family members. What’s more, as wealthy families grow […]

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Family Giving & Philanthropy

I came across this very interesting and informative article and guide from Fidelity Charitable that I wanted to share… Philanthropy is a powerful way for families to pass along shared beliefs and values. It also provides unique opportunities for family members of all generations to spend time together, collaborate, and […]

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Once again there is news from the fear reduction department at 360 Family Office. Two things that stood out this week…the CDC says that for each positive test reported – between 6 and 14 people are also positive. Their best guess is around 23% of the US has already been […]

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What is high impact philanthropy?

Perhaps the biggest misconception that people have about philanthropy is that good intentions and a lot of money mean a lot of impact. But you don’t need Bill Gates’ money or Oprah Winfrey’s celebrity to effect meaningful change through philanthropy.  Philanthropy is a great tool for family health and Matt […]

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Covid Tracker 09.18.20

The 4 facts that jumped off the page …. Mobility is going up and there is an obvious outcome. Heart issues caused by the flu are a serious number. Grateful that children are so protected compared to the last pandemic. Only 2 States have more than 10% of Inpatient Beds […]

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Preparing Heirs for Their Inheritance

Are your heirs ready to deal with wealth you may be planning to pass on to them someday? Inheritors often struggle with their windfalls in ways that can be hazardous to their health and their wealth. Find out how the Super Rich prep their heirs for their inheritance. Standing […]

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