Markets and Outlooks

Investing Intelligence?

Of course, intelligence doesn’t always translate into wise behavior. Studies of behavioral finance have found the human brain is more interested in survival than saving. “It turns out that, when it comes to money matters, we are wired to do it all wrong. Our brains have evolved over thousands of […]

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Market Commentary

Has the stock market moved too far, too fast in 2021? I have shared with many of you that the market moves backward 30% of the time. The stock market does not go up in a straight line. Even while in the midst of a bull market, like the one […]

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A New Nuclear Reality

I had a fascinating experience in a Rotary meeting this past week. The presenter was from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) which is the only such lab in the USA. He showed us the future of nuclear power which was designed to be super safe and clean; how it works […]

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Setting Expectations for 2021

The question we are posing is as follows: Is it possible that the announcement of the FDA-approved vaccines and the talk of additional financial stimulus helped claw some of 2021’s potential gains back into 2020? When you factor in the slow launch of the vaccines, it is worth a thought. […]

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ESG Investing – What is our 2021 plan?

Exciting things are happening in this space for 2021. When review the attachment you will note there are many approaches to ESG investing. The green energy sector is one way to approach the issue. There are also ESG “screens” that identify socially sensitive practices and try to replace holdings with […]

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