The Three Key Characteristics of Driven Entrepreneurs

When we dive into the three key characteristics of driven entrepreneurs, there’s a few really interesting things in this special report. Let me blow this up a little bit more. If you’re looking at entrepreneurs and CEOs that are driven versus non-driven, the thing that really stands out is, I’m going to highlight here, this lifelong quest to learn and grow. The difference there is about 80% to 32%? That’s a huge difference, so driven entrepreneurs, lifelong learning, have a quest to grow and do better. The second thing, they also have a sense of purpose beyond themselves. Their business, their charity, whatever it is, they’ve got this additional thing that’s really driving them to grow, that’s just over and above going to work every day.

Those are the key traits of driven entrepreneurs, and because of that, there’s a few different things that you see them take advantage of. Learning in peer support in educational platforms are extremely common and frequently used for driven entrepreneurs. They get involved in self-directed learning, they like to get involved in peer support programs, they like to get involved in educational platforms. What does that mean at the end of the day?

What we’re really going to focus on and think about is a focus on mastermind and CEO groups. You find that driven entrepreneurs frequently participate in these types of programs, in these types of groups. The data basically says for driven entrepreneurs, it’s about one out of four. For non-driven entrepreneurs, it’s almost zero. But these mastermind groups and CEO groups, they’re either being participated in or if they’re not, if a driven entrepreneur is not participating in them now, they would be of tremendous benefit for the entrepreneur to start participating in them. An interesting special report. What it’s saying again in summary is that driven entrepreneurs love to continue the quest to learning. One of the ways that they do that is through ongoing education, which is frequently peer education. Oftentimes this comes in the form of CEO mastermind groups. If they’re not participating in them now, they would like it if they did and they would find great value. There’s a summary of the special report. Let’s talk about how you can use this because I think if you connect the dots here, you really could get some great introductions. You always want to be in tune with your business owner clients. Are they entrepreneurial? You’re hoping that they are, and I’m going to guess most of them are, but then if you’ve identified them as being a driven entrepreneur, like this special report highlights, there’s a few things that you want to make sure that you know.

If they are entrepreneurial and a business owner, you want to know the answer to this question. When you speak with them, you want to ask them, “What mastermind or peer groups are you currently participating in?” You should know that for your business owner clients, you should identify whether they are driven to grow, and then ask them this question as part of the discovery or part of your annual review, what groups are they participating in?

There’s a couple of reasons that you want to know that. Number one, you always want to help them have a greater life of significance, and you want to deliver great value to them. If you find out that they are not currently participating in these groups, you want to be an advocate for them to do so because we know from all the data that these are meaningful, they produce results. If you have an entrepreneurial and a driven business owner client, you want to encourage this because you believe it’s going to bring great value to their business so you’re helping them by providing value.

But let’s say the answer to this question is yes, they are already participating in some of these mastermind groups and peer groups. Well, then what you want to do is you want to add, “Tell me about it. How can I add value?” This is where there’s really tremendous opportunity for you. We talk about strategic alliances with CPAs, with attorneys, but in the last 24 months, the best alliances that I have seen are those that actually come from executive coaches or from interaction with mastermind or networking groups like this. If you are able to identify within your current book of business a good business owner client that is actively engaged in a mastermind or a peer group, you want to learn everything about that that you can, and you want to ask the question, “What could I do to help you bring additional value to your group?” because if you’re able to do that, if you’re able to bring additional value, if you’re able to get in front of that mastermind group, if you’re able then to make some connections, you could bring on some significant additional high net worth business owners as your clients. I see advisors around the country having a lot of success when they’re infiltrating these mastermind groups and these networking groups like this.

Speak to your business owner clients, and then you want to have a follow up conversation about are they participating in these types of masterminds or networks? If not, encourage them to do so. It will help them grow their business. Be an advocate for them to advocate for their own growth, and if they are participating in them, get the details, see what you can do to add value because it’s going to create a tremendous networking opportunity for you.