The 5 Easy Steps in the Family Planning Process

It All Starts with a Plan. 

The 360° Family Office is about understanding your Family Offices vision of success, transforming obstacles into actions and executing solutions. Here are the 5 steps to enjoying confidence and clarity.  

1. Discover – The first and most important step in the process is to understand your Families short and long-term life goals. The discovery phase is intended to reveal how specific goals fit into the greater picture of your families life by organizing them by time-frame and priority.

2. Assess – Based on the information presented during the discovery phase, the 360° Family Office can understand what needs to be done to achieve each goal. This phase is intended to provide context around your Family’s time horizon and risk tolerance.

3. Evaluate – Your Family is presented with various scenarios to show how they can achieve their current and future goals. With the help of the 360° Family Office, your Family can then determine which option best suits your needs.

4. Implement – Once the financial plan has been established, the implementation phase turns that plan into reality. The components of the plan are created to ensure that it aligns with your Family’s goals.

5. Monitor – The final step: Continuously track progress toward goals and adjust the plan, as needed, based on life changes.

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