Reddit, Robin Hood and Democracy meet and there is a loser…

Premise one – everyone should be allowed to do what they want – it is a free market. Let’s examine together
A Reddit topic Board decides to promote a coordinated attack by its readers on short sellers because they have suddenly become evil.
Are the short sellers evil or did the Reddit Board authors intend to profit from the buying volume which would inflate the price?
Does Robin hood have an obligation to protect it’s clients best interest? It does if the clients agreed to it.
Did Robin Hood or TD Ameritrade clients agree to that oversight?
Did Robin Hood investors – who it turns out were the Short Sellers – demand relief from Robin Hood and TD Ameritrade?
Did those Robinhood Investors who also were big investors in the White House, demand intervention pressure as reported?
Is it true that Robin Hood liquidated purchases not requested per other reporting?

Truth is, I would love it to turn out that a bunch of big democratic supporters -Citadel- told Robinhood and other firms to knock it off. True colors yo. They were always coming for you next. However…There are “market makers” – firms which facilitate the buying and selling and the pricing of a security and who are hired by the security issuer i.e. GME. Every stock has a firm that serves as market maker. They have to settle every buy and every sell and must do both – that’s why the are called a market maker and buys have different capital requirement. The firm accepting the trade has to have enough money to “settle” the trade. When the volume of buys on GME goes up by thousands of percent in one day they have to have capital to “settle” each trade and this is a seriously outsized event. Hence other firms being asked by the market maker – at the same time – to desist on taking orders to buy – which requires capital – sells do not. As the author notes – a boring reason that dispels an uninformed conspiracy theory.

As always, standing by if you’d like to discuss.