My New Healthcare Relationship

I have a new Primary Care Physician with a different title – “Concierge Physician (CP)”. The title brings with it a new format to my healthcare relationship. My CP is Dr. Rosen in Calabasas who is on a monthly retainer to care for my family. Concierge Medicine is an exclusive relationship, but it is not only about being a prestige service, it is all about the preventative health process. He is committed to a new idea – protect and prevent – don’t wait for the problem to arrive unanticipated.  How do I avoid common pitfalls, how do I stay healthy, how do we keep me out of hospitals and expensive medical treatment?

First it is a comprehensive screening of my bodies process. Heart issues and cancer are the two ways 90 percent of us will die. With that in mind, the Dr is arranging a heart scan in the near future which is a process that scans my heart and gives a clear insight into the veins plaque status and a confident understanding of my cardiac and stroke risks.  A thorough blood screening and exam monitor cancer risks and other common issues that can be illuminated via blood tests. 

The reason I was excited to find and retain Dr Rosen is that in a Family Office model health care – physical and mental – are critical resources for every family that 360° Family Office serves. All over America doctors like Dr. Rosen are creating these new models of preventative care and personalized health care. If you live in the Los Angeles region Dr. Rosen is your man and if you live elsewhere the Dr. and I are both willing to locate and screen concierge resources for your families use.

As always, Standing by if I can be of assistance.