How Are You Integrating Your 3 Forms of Capital?

What are the three kinds of capital we are working with in planning for your sustainable Lifetime Income? Let’s take a look at each kind and how we integrate them into your plan…

  • Human Capital – this is our working life compensation…how much are you capturing, how efficiently what’s the optimal rate for your success?
  • Financial Capital – how much Human Capital is being captured? Asset location – tax preferred is important – is how we optimize for growth, this part of your financial life.
  • Social Capital – these are the big planks in a Lifetime Income Floor…Pensions, Social Security, Deferred Compensation Plans and Income Riders are what we are talking about here. The rising star here are the Income Riders…this asset type “pension-izes” assets, and the payout process can replace a fixed income portfolio with “optimized” income that increases over time.

There are some new exciting tools available to graphically display all of the types of capital working together for your success and we are looking forward to working with you on integrating and optimizing each of your capital sources.

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