Give Your Clients What They Want Most: Confidence

Stress testing can be one of the most effective ways to confirm whether a particular approach, product or service is right for a client or prospective client. And when you can help them make smart decisions, you deliver something invaluable: peace of mind.

At the 360° Family Office, we provide services that are customized for you and your family.


You need more time, resources and the proper team to help you avoid the bad apples and get a personalized approach, just for you.

We use stress testing to make sure we have the most effective plan just for you to ensure your financial confidence as you move forward through life.

Our definition: stress testing and second opinions challenge the wealth planning a person has implemented or is considering implementing, to assess the likelihood of its efficacy in different scenarios, and then delivering the results the person expects. 

The difference between stress testing and second opinions? It’s simple: second opinions take place before you or your family take action on your wealth plans. Stress testing happens after. For our purposes, they are the same. Our stress testing or second opinion process has four steps: profiling, evaluation, comparisons and recommendations.

For a complete guide to the process of stress testing and second opinion for confidence and peace of mind,  please don’t hesitate to call or write.
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