October 7, 2020

Covid Update for this week

Key takeaways from the Covid Update this week (above)…

* Every region of the country is taking a turn with a pattern of high daily reported cases. The Midwest is now taking their turn as the leader.
* Daily reported positives as a percent of the total tests have moved back down to mid May level – despite a spike in testing.
* The deaths from the Covid trend line continues in a positive direction.
* In NYC, it looks like more than half of the hospitality sector won’t survive.

It has always been quite interesting how physicians I have talked with, deal with the Covid. If you enjoy learning and want to know what the Doctors know, check this article out from the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons called “Mask Facts” that offered insights and a thorough education in both transmission and effective mask usage.

Standing by if I can be of assistance.