A New Nuclear Reality

I had a fascinating experience in a Rotary meeting this past week. The presenter was from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) which is the only such lab in the USA. He showed us the future of nuclear power which was designed to be super safe and clean; how it works was really different from the old nuclear reactors; so the US Military can now put a reactor on a plane or truck and bring power to anywhere they need it.  Communities can have access to clean energy on demand and safely because the design is so different.

Speaking of design, the world is moving towards nuclear without the US and are using Russian and Chinese technology, that have less than perfect safety records. The Japanese are also growing their nuclear technology because there is no choice to use oil, wind nor solar there in a clean way. The US is politically not able to compete because the word nuclear is scary. Unfortunately, how the energy we use now is dangerous is never shared via media. For example, did you know in the last 10 years that 50% of all military fatalities came from transferring diesel fuel?

One of the most interesting things was how alternative energy works on the grid. Intermittent qualities – no sun no wind no power are one issue. Electric cars are another fascinating issue. Have you ever tried to charge your electric car? That’s a battery you’re charging. Where are all the batteries going when they stop working? Did you know there is new fast charger developed that can charge an electric car in 10 minutes and looks like a small rural hospitals daily electrical use on the grid. When you plug that charger in, it induces that big surge and then a few minutes later the person charging next will do the same.  In reality, electrical cars are creating a real issue of a dirty fuel and toxic waste.

The conclusion is that you cannot say nuclear is dangerous when you compare how much danger is being crammed down by people who know nothing about the chain reaction they are inducing while they sit at their desk signing stuff. I really enjoy discovering the truth, not relying on opinion or perception. There is a lot of new exciting change coming in the energy sector and understanding how nuclear works along with solar, wind, geo, thermal and natural gas to attain a clean energy profile is fascinating, exciting and happening.

As always, standing by if you’d like to discuss.