5 thoughts that tell me 2018 economic growth is going to be a big deal…

I dont like it when the President talks about how his policies ares making the stock market go. 5 big numbers have me rethinking my position….
Thought 1 –  Wages are going up. The supply of workers is shrinking and everyone is participating. The African American and Latino unemployment rates are at the lowest levels recorded.
Thought 2 – The rate of deregulation is turning non-productive regulatory compliance efforts to productive activities. The pace is furious and will end up in the economic growth numbers.
Thought 3 – The 2017 service activity index had the highest average level of activity since 2005.
Thought 4 – The tax reform has a powerful lever to incent business to buy stuff – big stuff and a lot of it via the one year expensing feature.
Thought 5 – is the rate of economic activity in goods moving into and out of the USA. Since mid-2016 the #’s have really moved. Exports just to Europe are up 13%. Imports are likewise telling a story of fresh demand from USA consumers.