3 Things That Will Make 2021 an Improvement

  1. Remember 2020…things still act the same no matter what year.  Buy things out of favor. Trust the past and don’t be too quick to change and chase the trend.
  2. Work harder at the short end of the income curve.  Saving and accumulating is one thing – spending and decumulating are a separate experience.  When we segregate spending over the final 30 years, cash needs to earn returns beyond 0.25%. The good news – while it is not easy to find opportunities, spending a lot of time and effort to do so is delivering a big and safe advantage to clients.
  3. New teammates – I’m always on the search for smart organizations. This past year new teammates have been added with high impact.  The Carson Group, Black Diamond, Y Charts are the biggest new players who bring technology and new organizational thinking. Tax planning resources and lifetime income process approaches have been a transformational advantage to the 360 Family Office.  With the support of these and other new teammates we have been able to expand investment information capabilities. That means performance improvements as new ideas and opportunities are identified and implemented with greater speed and tax efficiency.

Implementing changes is one day at a time, and requires patience but makes for an exciting time.  Next time let’s talk about how the new President changes tax and investment tactics.