The Art & Science of…How it Works

The latest Stock Market ride has been fast and offers elevation changes that take away your breath and may induce nausea. Is strapping yourself into the seat the right answer?

People have asked me many many times what I think of the stock market making new record highs. I have an explanation that makes sense when I share it and then the markets execute the fear side of the story.  A lot of somebody’s out there are taking profits at the first idea that things aren’t going straight up. This fear centric behavior is repeated regularly and always comes from the same behavioral place; Greed and Fear. To not be subjected to these market behaviors almost always disconnected from rational notions, there is a is solution called Seurte. This product delivers surety, which builds confidence and allows one to shrug at market “roller coastering”. It is a steady resolute commitment to relying only on proven, sustainable, and measurable FACTS.

Just what do we mean by that and just what do you do to adopt a new idea like Seurté? The first requirement is that we be convinced that any plan run on self knowledge aka Opinions can hardly be a success. On that basis we are almost always in a collision with the world investment firms and investors, even though our ideas sound good and seem good – until they are proven through ruinous loss-  that they no longer do. Most people live by self propulsion and by Opinion of how to do things better than the others. They are like an actor trying to run the show. Forever arranging the lights, the ballet, the scenery and the rest of the players in their own way. If our arrangements would only stay put, if only people would do it our way, the show would be great. Everyone – especially US – would be so pleased. Life would be wonderful. They will have the biggest, longest lasting pile of money and the others will look on with envy. What usually happens, without their permission? The show doesn’t go come off very well. The next time, they resolve to exert themselves even more. They decide they need to be a bit smarter here, a bit more patient there. Still the play doesn’t suit them. Admitting they may be somewhat at fault, they are sure that other people are to blame. What is the basic trouble in the final analysis? The failure to recognize they are not playing alone.That the others may be as smart as they are. That no one can conquer the others alone. That the power of success comes from the actions of all the others, not by recklessly pretending they can outsmart them all. That instead the others will behave, think and act in a way they cannot control nor anticipate. The others will ultimately act randomly. For a new experience, for comfort and security, real success needs to align our future with the truth of the matter, not wishful thinking nor opinion.
This is the how and why of it. First they must stop pretending they are smarter than the others. That did not work. Next they decide that hereafter in the drama of life, FACTS were going to be the Director  Most good ideas are simple and this concept is the keystone of a new and triumphant experience with their money. Being all powerful, FACTS will provide us with what they need if they keep close to them and execute on them well. With a new plan established on such a footing they can become less and less interested in our little plans and designs. They become more and more interested in the Truth and how it contributes to their peace and success. More and more they become interested in seeing how they can enjoy life and give more to their family and community. As they feel this new power flowing in they lose anxiety and enjoy peace of mind, they discover they really can face their money life successfully. As they become conscious of the presence of Facts and lose their fear of today tomorrow and our lifetime, they realize they can be free.
Next they launch on a vigorous course of action. The first step of which is a personal inventory of their  Spending which most have never attempted. Though this decision was a vital and crucial step, it can have no permanent effect unless it is at once followed up by a strenuous effort to face and be rid of the false ideas which have been blocking them. They had to become aware of the things – the opinions – that have been blocking them. Their spending was but a symptom. They took stock of their current FACTS honestly. Being convinced that opinions maifested in various ways had defeated them, they considered Opinions common manifestations. If only they were more aggressive. If only they had a better plan of how to buy and sell. If only they did not have fear. If only they could find the person smarter than the others. They asked themselves why they were disappointed and fearful. Perhaps they were angry. In most cases it was found that their lifestyle, their pocketbook were hurt or threatened and they were upset. It became plain that a lifetime spending plan based on Opinions and emotional response to money issues lead only to futility and unhappiness. If they were to live free of angst, upset and fear they had to be free of self propulsion and Opinion.
Perhaps there is a better way – we think so. For we are now on a different basis -the basis of trusting and relying on Seurté. We trust Seurté rather than opinions and instincts because it based entirely on proven facts. Just to the extent we are willing to act on and trust in FACTS and humbly rely on Seurté are we able to match market calamity with serenity and enjoy confidence in our future. We never apologize for relying on FACT and now we laugh at those who think steady fact based thinking is the way of weakness. Paradoxically it is the way of strength., The verdict of the ages is that FACTS means courage and peace of mind and success, not a reliance on opinions, hunches, research departments, investments committees and analysts.  The Seurté process is strictly constructed on FACTS – delivered in a unique and exclusive way.