Sustainable Lifetime Income

Make Your Life Easier and More Profitable.

Your family's greatest fear is losing the wealth you've created and failing to support your legacy.

Let's Make a plan together.

Legacy & Longevity

Build a Legacy You Can TRUST.
The 360° FO Approach to Building a Sustainable Lifestyle & Enduring Legacy

Preparing how you will bequeath your property and assets to your loved ones after your death including the values you’d like to impart on your heirs, wishes regarding charitable giving, and crafting the family story are much more than simple financial and real estate services. You need a full team of specialists to get you and your family what they deserve.

Portfolio management

- Investment Strategy & Asset Location
- Consolidated Performance Reporting

Tax management

- Filing Tax Returns
- International Relocation
- Real Estate Structures
- Tax Modelling
- Tax Preparation

Philanthropic Endeavors

- Aligning Principles & Values with Organizations
- Giving Strategies
- Trust Structures
- Grant Making
- Gifts During Lifetime

Estate Planning

- Power of Attorney
- Trusts & Last Wills
- Healthcare Directive
- Trust Administration
- Premarital Agreements
- Life Insurance

Legacy Planning

- Continuity of Family Business
- Succession Planning
- Family Governance Structures
- Family Shareholding
- Nominee Services

"Most people don't realize that most so-called financial advisors and brokers are not obligated or care to act in the best interest of their clients.
You've essentially handed your life savings over to a commissioned sales person who's highest priority is their own commission."

Timothy Brown - Founder 360 Family Office


Through our simple planning process, we get to the heart of what you want for you, your family and future.

Fact Finding

Meet family members and key advisors to gain a high level understanding of the family’s personal and financial objectives for the future and any unique or complex needs the family might have.


Analyze the family’s current capabilities to uncover inefficiencies and opportunities specific to the family’s goals. Work with family leadership to develop objectives strategic to the creation of sustainable wealth.


Our deliverables include a written report of options and recommendations that is delivered during an interactive dialogue where the goal is to prioritize actionable next steps and develop an implementation strategy.


The final result is a completely customized business plan for your family that we will evaluate and modify periodically as needed.

losing the wealth you've created and failing to support your legacy is one of life's greatest fears.

Our expertise in The art & science of decumulation ensures that these fears are not realized.

Financial expertise is only part of our client value -
we are there to be supportive through all of life's ups and downs.

Life Transition Experts

Life Happens. We’re here for you when it does.