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Exclusively for family, friends, and associates of our valued clients

In this challenging economy, you probably know a family member, friend, or colleague who may be in a complex situation or just unhappy with the advice from their financial advisor — it’s not uncommon. It has been our experience that high net worth investors would need and value a second opinion.

The current health crisis has inspired more change than seen in the last 35 years. The number of people making changes has brought a new and heightened awareness of how most people are being treated by financial professionals leading them to feel:

1) Their portfolio is designed to benefit someone other than themselves.
2) It fails to align with life goals they've set for the near or long term.
3) The fees bear no relationship with the final work product produced.

Our Second Opinion Service give everyone the peace of mind to know:

A) You are receiving the high value advice and services you intended.
B) define the life goals most important to you and develop a plan to realize them.
C) measure the performance and compare the internal costs and fees to the highest standards.

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