360° Client Model

We have to get to know you better to find out if we are a good fit together.
We select our clients from a very specific set of criteria, just like you select us.

Are We A Good Fit?

To ensure you get the best result, we make sure clients are the right fit for us.
We qualify clients to ensure successful utilization of our tools and process as we build your family office together.

Personal Finances

Individuals & Families

- $10+ million Net Worth
- $5+ million Investable Assets

Business Ownership

Business Owners

- $10+ million Valuation
- Exit or Retirement Plan within 10 years

Life Stage

Individuals & Families

- Where are you in life?
-Which generation are you caring and/or planning for?

Who Are Our Clients?

How do we expand on the services for existing clients and which clients qualify?
Here are some examples.

Persona A:


Cathi has a strong desire in her life to impact her local community and the world. 

The 360° Family Office process invites a deeper understanding of the relationships at the heart of a philanthropic endeavor by identifying various organizations that align with the heart of the family members, create an accountability structure, gift coordination, assessment continuum and multiple levels of impact assessment.

Persona B:

New Money

Mike and Heather have built a media company with great sacrifice and effort for 30 years. They wonder about the value of their business and how to extract it full value at the time they desire.

JoAnn has just said goodbye to her Mother and wonders about the the real estate and assets she just inherited.

In either case 360° Family Office assists them with simple cost effective valuations assessment of liquidity options, coordinate the transition team and deliver a plan for succession, tax and wealth planning for themselves and their next generation(s).

Persona C:


Life often presents unexpected events. Sound financial and risk management planning best prepares our family members for navigating these events and achieve their life’s dreams.

When Michelle lost her husband after 40 years of marriage she needed more than a good investment plan. She needed a supportive team to guide her as she was confronted with important decisions in areas that were new to her.

360° Family Office includes strategic and tactical asset allocation, selection and oversight of investments and market insights and guidance.

Persona D:


Kyle and Ashley owns and operates a successful family business inherited from Ashley’s Father and it provides their two sons and twin daughters an excellent lifestyle.

They have concerns about the educational and financial wellness children and their children. They want to allow the children to choose the life path that incorporates each child’s unique talents and interests.  Two of the children work in the family business and how to transition the family’s wealth fairly seems like a challenge.

360° Family Office assists with Strengthfinders, Kolbe Index, trusts and financial education and planning services for Gens 1,2 & 3.