Are You STuck?

Let's talk if you have doubts with any advice - financial or otherwise.

In this challenging economy, you probably have a family member, friend, or colleague who may be in a complex situation, or just unhappy with the advice from their advisors — it’s not uncommon.

It has been our experience that high net worth individuals, families, and businesses benefit greatly from a second opinion.

The Problem

Being Wealthy Attracts Many Bad Apples


Pretenders may want to do a very good job for their clients, but they lack the knowledge and capabilities to do so. They are often not able to provide the best legal strategies or financial products that will enable their clients to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. Pretenders have limited technical expertise resulting in substandard or inaccurate recommendations. Pretenders do not know what they don’t know. The vast majority of wealth and financial managers are pretenders.


Predators are criminals who are intent on separating your from your wealth. They’re the con artists and hustlers resolved to steal your money through cunning guile, and duplicity. Predators work outside the law and seek to manipulate the successful through scheming and deception, capitalizing on the greed, naivete or goodwill of their intended victims.


Exploiters are quite often technically adept when it comes to planning, but they regularly push the envelope, thereby creating the solid possibility of negative results for you. They are usually very knowledgeable and skilled, unlike predators. They do not deliver legal strategies or financial products that are presently illegal. However, they are not looking out for your best interests.

The Solution

get a second opinion from world class advisors

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360° FO will act as an advocate to help you get what you need from an advisor.

We will review your situation with ours or other 3rd party advisors and help find a way forward.

We review, plan, and execute end to end on your behalf.

"what's the cost if you don't get a second opinion?

Timothy Brown - Founder 360 Family Office

Here are some ways we've helped others....


Are you receiving the high value advice and services you think you are?

Are the fees you pay are getting you the performance promised?

Making sure your investments are aligned with your goals.

We'll ask your professionals the questions you're too polite to ask yourself.

It's how you keep your advisors honest.

It's good for the advisors too. I confirms their value and gives them additional resources and perspectives.


Find the right lawyer for you

Financial Impact Analysis

Planning your exit


Valuing private companies

Raising Capital

Business Investing

Angel & Seed Investing

Partner Disputes



Career Change



Everyone in your life as an opinion.
why not ask a professional?


COVID-19 was a wake up call. For the first time in almost 100 years, a health related crisis not only threatened our health, but wreaked financial havoc across all industries leaving the world forever changed.

HAS COVID left you feeling things about your FINANCIAL PLAN AND advisor like:

- Why does this always feel like a sales pitch?
- Why are they always unavailable when I need them?
- I’m not sure they understand who I am and how I want to live.
- Why am I paying for their mistake?
- The fees seem high given the results delivered.

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Wealth is not just about money, it’s about you.​

"If you're not having a 3rd party annually review your portfolio, you should start immediately.
It's the only way to keep everyone honest."

Timothy Brown - Founder 360 Family Office